Piney House

Important Things to Know

We hope that you will enjoy your glamping experience here at Longleaf Piney Resort. We can’t wait to welcome you. Just remember that staying on a campground—even a totally awesome one like this—is not the same as staying in a fancy hotel. Please make sure you read the terms, conditions, and rules of the house (or should we say “woods”) before you come. Things like campfires and septic systems may not be concerns at that hotel down the road, but last time we checked, they frown upon making s’mores on an open fire right outside your room. It’s a great trade off if you love nature and fresh air and a place to lay your head that’s a WHOLE lot better than a plain old tent.


If you need to cancel your reservation, you are required to cancel seven days in advance. If you cancel seven or more days in advance, you qualify for a full refund. If you must cancel your reservation within the seven days before your reservation begins, we will do our best to book your tiny house for someone else. If we are able to do so, we will offer you a full refund for any nights that we are able to book. If we cannot book the tiny house, we will not be able to refund your money. If you do not show and fail to cancel your reservation, you will be charged the full fee for your stay. So if you don’t want to burn your money away like the firewood out beside our houses, be aware of these cancellation policies. 

Sewer System 

Instead of going in the woods and using leaves like other camping experiences, LPR offers comfortable, well-ventilated, clean bathrooms and toilets. These beautiful bathrooms are serviced through a GREAT septic system. But septic systems do not perform the same as your city slicker plumbing back home. DO NOT put anything in the toilet that does not come out of your body naturally along with OUR supplied toilet paper. Our special septic-sensitive toilet paper has been well proven to take care of the biggest messes in the woods without leaving you with poison ivy or so much as scratch on your tush. Seriously—nothing but our TP goes down the toilet—no cotton swabs, wipes, tampons, etc.  

Likewise, the sinks all go through the same system and we do not have any sink disposals. So nothing but fluids down the sink.  No food, straws, toothpicks or whatever.

If you violate any of the above requirements we will perform an exhaustive DNA search and hunt you down to come back and fix the sewer.


In trying to keep the Great Outdoors feeling like the Great Outdoors, LPR offers limited parking, only available for LPR guests.  Each guest will have parking for two vehicles. One vehicle is allowed near your unit. Any other vehicles will need to be parked in the designated parking area near the entrance of the campground.

No Smoking Indoors

LPR houses and campers are all non-smoking. Because the tiny houses are small, and smells tend to stick around, please throw out cigarette butts in the garbage area rather than in the tiny houses.  Any violation of the smoking policy indoors will be charged an $250 additional Cleaning Fee to remove smoke odors from the home and/or linens. 

House Substitution

LPR reserves the right to substitute a “Piney House” of similar or greater value than specified in the guest’s reservation should the situation require it.


Sorry, pets are not allowed except service animals with prior notification. An additional cleaning fee of $500 will be charged to any guest who violates this policy. 

The Longleaf Trace and Neighbors

LPR loves being a part of the Longleaf Trace and puts the safety and right of way first to all trace users and neighbors. Please take extra caution as you cross the Trace when entering or exiting LPR. Please take extra time to look both ways before crossing and always yield to the traffic on the Trace. Also be mindful that Lavel Graves Road is a single lane partly-gravel road with numerous blind spots. Please travel Lavel Graves at idle speed to avoid any near misses and allow plenty of room to pass other vehicles with care.


LPR strives to be environmentally friendly. Please consider doing your part by re-using your towels for the duration of your stay, and conserving water. LPR cleans everything before new guests arrive, but we do not provide room service or cleaning during your stay. However, if you are staying more than three days, we are happy to supply fresh linens and schedule a cleaning upon request.


Sh*t happens, we get it.  Guests will be held financially responsible for all damages to the property or missing items discovered during their stay and/or immediately upon departure. Please don’t take anything with you that you didn’t bring yourself. We reserve the right and guests hereby authorize us to charge their credit or debit card for any damage incurred to their tiny house or any Caravan property during their stay (including without limitation specialist cleaning) or for any items that are missing when they leave.

Mobility Issues

Some of our tiny houses are designed with upstairs bedroom lofts. Be sure to check the description of each house or camper. Please note that our houses and campers are not wheelchair accessible. We will try to accommodate any physical limitations to the extent that we are able to.  Please contact LPR to discuss any questions or issues that you would like us to try and accommodate. By consenting to these terms, you agree that you accept the conditions in the tiny home that you are reserving. LPR is not liable for any personal injuries resulting from staying in or using any of our houses or campers. The signer indemnifies and holds LPR harmless against any and all such claims, including attorney’s fee incurred in defense of such claims.

Wait List

LPR will keep a wait list when we are full. Please email us at info@longleafpineyresort.com and include your phone number, travel dates and number of people in your party. We will contact you based on your place on the waitlist as lodging becomes available.


LPR provides each house or camper with a private designated campfire area that includes firewood, utensils and water hose to help with cooking and fire management.  

Do not build fires outside of the designated areas and supplied fire pits and do not leave any fire unattended!

From time to time, a burn ban will be in effect, and we will inform you of the status when in place and request that you refrain from campfires during any burn ban period. Otherwise we hope you enjoy the campfire and make sure you fully extinguish your fire before you leave it unattended.


Longleaf Piney Resort (LPR), which includes the following: (a) LPR and (b) the owners of the tiny houses on the LPR property, accepts no liability and will not pay any compensation where the performance of its obligations is prevented or affected directly or indirectly by or as a result of force majeure or any circumstances beyond its reasonable control including, but not limited to, flood, earthquake, extreme adverse weather conditions, natural disasters, pandemics, other acts of God, acts of terrorism, fire or failure of electric power, gas, water, or other utility service, plant machinery, computers, vehicles or any collapse of building structures. LPR will not be responsible for the loss or damage of any property left in a tiny home other than as required under Mississippi  law. LPR will not be liable for any indirect, consequential loss or pure economic loss (whether caused by the negligence of the Company, its employees, contractor or agents or otherwise). The Company’s total liability shall not exceed the value of the Contract. Nothing contained in these terms and conditions may be read or construed as excluding any liability for death or personal injury caused by LPR’s negligence or liability for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation. These terms and conditions will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of Mississippi, without regard to conflict-of-laws principles.


LPR is a campground located in the woods and shares the area with various outdoor insects and inhabitants of the outdoors. 


Coming off 4th Street, travel north on Lavel Graves Road for .25 miles. When the blacktop road ends you will take a sharp left down a single lane gravel road with many curves and blind spots. Travel about .5 miles and stop at the crossing of the Longleaf Trace.  Please take care to yield to any pedestrian traffic on the Longleaf Trace. Proceed over the Longleaf Trace, and the entrance to the Longleaf Piney Resort will be directly on your right. Each house has one parking spot near the house.  Any additional vehicles will need to park in guest parking near the entrance of the campground.

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